Friday, August 7, 2009

It's my special day.

Gosh, as I get order the birthdays come quicker and quicker. Last year, I don't remember anything for my birthday as I was on major painkillers and recovering from the two heart surgeries. So today is my Birthday and you can guess how old I really am!!

This year, I have a lot to be thankful for. I am alive. I have a great family. I have great friends. I have wonderful dogs. I didn't embarrass myself too badly at the Scott Glen shedding clinic.

Yes, I am at a three day Scott Glen shedding clinic for my birthday. I am staying at Monique and Bruce's place and we are going out to sushi dinner soon. I love sushi. Monique and Bruce love sushi too!!

Getty is getting me a trailer awning for my birthday. I am not sure when it will be installed. I broke down and got a GPS system. I am telling everyone that Tess, Nan and Lucy got me the GPS for my birthday as when we go to trials, I always ask for directions. My mom gave me some nice towels and a lovely black lace top and Nelson is getting me a Wisteria plant. All great stuff!!

The clinic was great today. I worked Nan and Monique Feyrecilde worked Lucy. I have been doing well at trials with Nan and well on the shed but there are sometimes I feel like something is not quite right. Scott pinpointed that for me today. She would cross in front of me on the come-bye shed. On the away side, she is fine. We are working to fix our shedding issue and soon it will be behind us. Nan was very excited to be shedding and did everything I asked of her.

Monique worked Lucy and she never had any real formal shedding lessons but used Lucy to sort sheep to work back at the farm. So it was good for her to learn to properly position herself and Lucy and get good, clean sheds. By the end of her session, she looked like a seasoned pro and doing excellent. Monique reads dogs very well and is one of the fastest studies that I have ever know.

Jeanne Boudrieau was there with Rocky. Rocky is a great fit for her and his easy to go manner suited the sheep today. By the end of their session, I saw Jeanne grinning from ear to ear. Lora Withnell had her most excellent Nell and she is a pocket rocket. She is fast as lightning and by the end of her session was holding the sheep like her sire (Aled Owen's Roy). I think Lora was quite pleased with herself.

Jorgen, a newer handler was amazing. His hometrained dog, Merckx was spot on. Once a single tried to break back and Merckx held it like a top cutting horse. He made shedding look easy and I will be very afraid when Jorgen moves up to Open. Grimmeys, no make that ProNovice!!

We have had one of the longest heat spells know to mankind. last week ti was over 100 degrees. But thankfully Scott has arrived. Each time he come here, it will rain. Today, it was cold and it rained. So I guess we will have tow more days of much needed rain. Thanks to Scott for doing us this big favor.

Will write tomorrow as we are headed out for dinner. I'll have a tuna roll for all of you.

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An English Shepherd said...

So Happy Birthday is in order?

Wizz :-)