Monday, August 10, 2009

From Rugby to Ballet

Scott Glen just left for his home in Canada and true to form, when he arrived it began to rain!! Now it is pouring buckets. Scott always brings rain down when he comes to Washington State. Today is a perfect time for rain as we have a record dry spell and the grass is brown and dead. He stopped by to drop off Roo, pick up Lucy and give me a lesson. He didn't fall down in laughter when I worked Rainey so that made me feel good. I was nervous on showing him Rainey because I didn't want him to think that I did a bad job in training her. He liked what I saw so I was very happy. Rainey will be going to him in Nov for winter training. I did inform him that she was a housedog. But I don't think she will be sleeping on the bed like she does here.

Scott dropped off Roo, aka The Bull, Ruby Red Lips, Rudybegger and other assorted names. When I sent Roo to Scott he was like a Rugby player on the course. Rough and fast and no sense of finesse. He came back as a ballet dancer on the course, smooth as silk and just glides.

Oh yea, a whole lot more. His outrun was broken at long distances and now it is fixed. His drive is like watching a small ripple in a pond, smooth and flowing very gently. His feet hardly touch the ground and his just floats along. His sheds are what we all dream off!! WOW!

I was amazed on how nice he worked. He is no longer the rough/tumble Rugby player that I sent to Scott but now is Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Thanks to Scott for taking the Rugby player that I sent to you and making him a top ballet star. He is a fantastic job with him. I am stunned on how nice he works. It is amazing!! Scott is the best trainer/handler to send a dog to and to boot, he is a nice person. Hie wife, Jenn is a great and funny person too!! They are the cutest couple!!

I guess I will have to partner up with Roo. Luckily for Roo, I studied dance for a year in College. I am looking forward to this new dance partner.

Off to bed as I am very exhausted and hardly can keep my eyes open!! I was fading when talking to Scott in the house and trying do a document for work!!

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