Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chow Hound

Since Tess has retired she has taken on many new roles. At the Derek Fisher lessons we had at my place last weekend, she sorted and then drove the sheep down the road over 1/2 mile to the lesson field. Then she did some more sorting and her work was done for the day.....

That is until Janet was done with her breakfast snack from Starbucks.

Wait, there is ONE CRUMB left in that bag. I'll make sure NOTHING goes to waste her so I will eat it up....with a little help from Janet.

Ok, the bag is firmly in place. Let's inhale that last morsel. Mick watches and wishes he could get a crumb but Tess is not sharing.

Tess is done now and it is bag removal time.

Now that we had our snackies, it's time to sit in the biggest chair and watch Derek give lessons. Oh, what a busy life Tess has now that she is retired.

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