Sunday, August 30, 2009

On The River Photos- by Kristi

My friend, Kristi is an great photographer. We are also the lifetime members of the Asian Sheepherder Association. At this trial, there was a whopping two members of the ASA!! It's a spoof, btw. So Kristi took some cool photos from this trial. It just took me a while to post them.

OK, so I am here at the post. I am stretching and relaxing before my run. Nan is wondering what the hell I am doing?

The turn at the post. See her but in the air. She is so in tune with me!

So we are just hanging out at the post and making it look easy. Or maybe we are having a talk on the State of the Union.

Calling her in for the shed. She comes in quick.

Holding the shed. I love how she sheds.

Now we are gathering the sheep so we can do the pen.

She is a good penning dog too.

This is from the same place and trial but this one was in May. This is another run. It was a bit colder then. I just had my last major heart surgery about 10 days earlier. I would get very tired after my runs as I was not totally healed yet. Dirk (trial host) made sure that I was ok during the trial and I really appreciated that.

Pushing the sheep in the grass. In parts of the field, I could only see the tips of her ears.

Kristi has her own website and to see her beautiful photos go to: airbear

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