Monday, August 10, 2009

He's my Brother

I have had the pleasure of owning three brothers...well, two are full brothers and one is a half brother. The sire is Imp Jim (Bobby Dalziel's Wisp).

First on deck is Delmar Kane. He is Imp Jim x Imp Nell (full sister to Imp Spot- Michelle Howard). I co-own Kane.  Kane runs in cowdog trials. Kane placed 10th in the USBCHA Sheepdog Nursery Finals under Scott Glen. He is the youngest of the three brothers.

Next on deck is Delmar Scott. He is 3/4 brother to Delmar Turk. Scott is a retired working cattledog that runs in sheepdog trials. I ran him successfully in Open and now as a retired Open dog, he is helping Janet learn the ropes. He just turned 10 this year.

Look at spry he looks. Janet loves him dearly and they are a good team. This last weekend he won a Beauty Pageant!! He was in the Mt Si Pet Beauty Pageant as the Prettiest Pet. He was competing with 15 or so other dogs and got a trophy. From one of the toughest cow dogs in Canada to a Beauty Pageant winner!!

Last but not least is Delmar Mick. I had him and he was my Nursery dog and PN dog. He has a gentle soul and is an outstanding dog. Scott also ran him in USBCHA Sheepdog Nursery Finals.

He is presently owned by Erin. Here he is doing a cross drive.

A close up of Mick. Isn't he the cutest dog! 
Three brothers and all great dogs in their own right. Now, I own Kira who is a daughter of Kane and Rainey who is a daughter of Scott. Look for them in the upcoming Nurseries next year or too!!


An English Shepherd said...

Great looking dogs.

Wizz :-)

sheepkelpie said...

Love them. Is there anything more revering than a well seasoned, handsome Border Collie boy? I think not.