Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hanging by a Horn

A ram dangles helplessly after zip-lining down a telephone wire - by a horn.

It got snagged on the cable, running close to ground level on a hill, while eyeing up ewes in a field below. The creature slid down then came to a halt 15ft in the air by a telegraph pole at Helgoysund, Norway. Tourists staying with local Geir Landsnes, 45, spent an hour roping the ram and hauling it to safety.

He said: "My wife saw something surreal from the kitchen window and realised it was the sheep hanging off the ground from the wire."

Geir's daughter Marita, 13, took the photos. He added: "As a reward for his embarrassing predicament we helped him achieve his quest by allowing him access to the ladies."


An English Shepherd said...
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An English Shepherd said...

Now thats something you don't see every day!

Great pictures.

Wizz :-)