Monday, August 24, 2009

On the River pixs from Sat - Nan - July 25, 2009

Here is Nan's second run at the trial,. It was a picture perfect run and we got 2nd place, just one point behind first place. This run secured our spot in the Double Lift.

Nan brought the sheep in a nice straight line and an nice turn around the post.

On the first leg of the drive. It is very hot and I was wishing I wore my shorts!!

Hitting the first drive panels dead on. What a nice line dog!!

She had a great drive and now in the shedding ring. I am lining them up.

Calling her in for the shed. She is fast when I call her.

Nan flies in to get the shed. She is a great shedding dog.

Holding the shed and then I give her the look back. She gathers the sheep in the ring and off to the pen.

Calmly walking them into the pen. This is when a huge thunder bolt lit up the sky and I though she would bolt but she held her ground. She is terrified of thunder and gun shots.

You can see Nan through the pen and holding her side of the pen. Right after the run, it thundered and began to rain and we ran like the dickens to the trailer!!

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