Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sampling of Photos from this year

My friend Bonnie Block takes photos at the trials. I have featured her photos before. I just got my CD of a bunch of recent trial photos and wanted to share them with you.

Tess getting ready to shed at Whidbey Island in June.

Calling her in. The sheep were super, super light and you had one chance to do it and had to be QUICK!!

Tess shedding for full points. These sheep were very difficult to shed.

Nan on the drive at Key Pen in May. I love this dog!!

I love how her one white paw is on the air.

Nan is a great driving dog. She hardly loses any points on the drive unless I screw up.

I just love this photo. See how big her ears are! She is very intense.

Tess putting the sheep through the Maltese Cross at Ewefull Acres in June. Tess can pen anything, all I have to do is hold the rope and look cute.

Now going through the other side. Am I looking cute yet?

Tess on a walk up. She looks so calm and relaxed. I am probably biting my fingernails and dancing in place from nerves!!

Hum, holding the line. No ewe will slip past her.

Tess on a walk up. She is a great driver. When she first was learning to drive, she was horrible. Thanks to Scott Glen and his patience, he has made her into a driving machine. One trial we lost 2 points on the drive. I about fainted. She would usually lose 4-5 points on the drive. If I would give her a wrong flank on the drive to miss the panel, she would turn around and look at me as if to say "Got your stupid driving sign lit up...try turning it off and giving me the correct flank". I would then give her the correct flank and we would make the panel. For a long time, I got a lot of use out of that sign.

Tess loves to shed. Ironically, she was a horrible shedder at first and again, thanks to Scott, she became a shedding machine. Also the years of shedding work on the farm helped quite a bit. She would get low to the ground and hold, like a cutting horse and her eyes would sparkle. I am going to miss that with her. We would look at each other across the shedding ring, our eyes would lock, then poof a shed....

Driving up a hill to a panel. Tess is calm behind the sheep and is like driving a reliable sedan, slow and steady, no flash but gets there with no muss or fuss.

Coming into the ring. This was one of my favorite parts with Tess.

Another drive. Her ears are up with means she is happy!!

Slowing her down as she can push on the drive. See the ears have gone back. She probably didn't like being told to slow down!!
OK, so now she is holding a nice steady pace and looking nice.

These are a bunch of Tess in action. She is enjoying herself here. She has a happy smile.

The happy smile. I can read her expression so well.

Walking up and looking serious now.

Put your right foot out,Put your right foot in....do the hokey pokey!!

Well, let's go for both feet off the ground. Nice action shot!!

Going full out. See, Tess can actually run fast if needed!! She is in a race.

Another Seabiscuit photos...going for the win!!

This is the quilt that Tess won as highest scoring Open dog over six trials. What a way to end her career. I miss her already but she does come to the trial to be my lap warmer and setout or exhaust and most importantly of all, be the arm chair herder!!

I'll post more of Bonnie's photos later. If you want dog or birds or any cool photos, I suggest checking out her site. She will also be at the Finals and taking photos so stop by her booth and visit her.

To see her wonderful photo's go here: Bonnie

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