Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day Two of the clinic

OK, my head has exploded. There was a ton of info today on day two of the shedding clinic and my head just burst!! Luckily, there was duct tape and bailing twine and I was able to put it back together again. Just in time for day three tomorrow!!

Last night Monique, Bruce and I went out for sushi for my birthday. Monique and Bruce bought my dinner and it was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L. The sushi just melted in your mouth. We had scallops, geoduck, tuna, salmon, spider crab, fried tofu, vinegar salmon, fried Hamachi cheek and other items that I forgot. It just melted in your mouth. I had my once week beer and for dessert we had ice cream. I was stuffed and it is a must return place. Thanks again for Monique and Bruce for taking me out. They are some of the best people in the world. I am so glad our paths crossed few years ago.

This morning we got to the clinic and had the living room chat before we went out. Nan was spot on today, turned, and held her sheep. One area we had been struggling with was that she would go in front of me on the shed on the come bye side. That got fixed. Now I need to stop her in the middle and not have her walk up until I tell her. She did great in the first session.

Everyone improved tons in the first session. Lucy and Monique really clicked and they just rocked. Lora and Nell were displaying some awesome shedding too. Oh, Lora brought some Krispe Kreme doughnuts for us for breakfast. She is a Goddess!!

Roo and Nan also went to the groomers. They had a groomer who gave a special rate and we jumped on it. Roo is a huge hairy beast and by the time Maggie Palmer was done, he was one fine looking dog. Nan was groomed just in time for her second shedding lesson. She looked quite pretty and is the princess now!

The second session was tougher. A handler. made red collars for the sheep and we had to shed the ones Scott told us. I was volunteered to be first!! My first shed was two unmarked and one marked. We moved the 15 sheep back and forth and got it on one try. Then they told me to shed three unmarked so we sprung into action and got it on one try. I was very happy on how well Nan came in for me and made it look easy. Then I had to pull the five-collared sheep. I got most of the first cut, then had four collared and then was struggling with trying to get my last collared. I ran out of time and this is the area that I still need to polish up. However, in spite of me not getting the five collared, I was happy on how smooth that Nan and I did work the flock and we worked as a team. She was very happy when she worked for me. Not to mention, she was quite cute in her new hair-do!!

Monique and Lucy had great work too. They had to shed the flock, then keep switching sides on the shed for their next shed and had to keep shedding the flock down to three. It was like a zip zag shed. Monique would be on the north side, Lucy on the south, they would do a shed and then Monique would be on the south side and then Lucy on the north and they would do a shed. They made it look easy switching sides and trimming down the flock.

I am too tired to remember how everyone else did but there was a huge improvement since the first day. Tomorrow we do the International shed and that should be fun.

Tonight for dinner, we are going to have Indian food. That is a tradition when I stay down here and I love it. Then I am going to pass out and dream of winning a double lift!


BCxFour said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Monique said...

Ha! You left out that we ended by holding a single. Woot! Hope you have a great time at Lacamas.