Saturday, October 3, 2009


The Semi on Saturday. I didn't get all the runs and then I ran out of memory on my camera.

Derek and Jen at the turn at the post.

Jen going in for the shed.

Holding the shed.

Pushing them off.

Now, he is going for the single. Jen coming in quickly.

Jen really holding the ewe.

The ewe thought she was going to run over Jen. She had second thoughts.

Tommy Wilson and Sly.

On the first leg of the drive. A bit of a face off.

Candy Kenedy and Moss. A quick shed.

Walks them right in.

Let's make this single look easy, ok?

Scott Glen and Maid on the turn at the post.

Setting up the shed.

OK, got it.

Holding the shed.

The pen.

Starting the single.

The ewe makes a break for it.

Maid jumped in the air and they passed in the air. I was too slow to get the meeting in the air shot but this is a split second later. She did not grip but certainly can jump quite high!!

OK, redoing the single. A nice hold.

She tries to break but Maid hold her quite well.

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