Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guest Bloggers at the Finals

OK, I had some people ask me who is Ben? Everyone knows Lise Andersen from Co who is a trialer. I don't have a pix of her to put up otherwise I would. She helped a ton with the blogging too. She is a cool person and I really enjoyed her company and quick wit. Got a good pix of her???…send it and I will post it.

But poor one knew him but now you will. Since he is on vacation, and had no access to a computer, now I felt it would be a good time to post his picture.

Ben is a good friend of mine who lives on Lopez Island, is an incredible baker and is a shepherd. Every time he come to see me, he bring me tons of his pastries. He also thinks he is going to steal Nan and Rainey. He has to arm wrestle Derek and Kristi for them.

Ben came down to the Finals to watch the runs. He hung out with me and soon I roped him into blogging with me. He took it to heart and was typing furiously away so y’all could get detailed blogs. We took turns so we wouldn’t get so jaded. In addition, being the nice guy he was, he got to listen to Gael howl all night since he was camped next to us on the field. But I made up for that by making sure he had a cup of hot coffee when he woke up. He is a good person!!

Anyways, much thanks to Ben Kercsmar for his help at the Finals.

And of course, Ben brought his dog, Nick.  He is the main working dog for his flock.

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