Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you hungry?

A friend of mine sent me these. These are actual cakes. Some people are really clever at this. I am not. My cakes are simple and covered with frosting. My brother's birthday is coming up and he is going to get a square chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

So for your Halloween pleasure and a wee bit early, enjoy. If you know the baker of these cakes, let me know and I will give them credit. Afterall, they did a awesome job.

Dead raven. perhaps from Edgar Allan Poe?


The liver looks real/

I think I used to work with this guy?

Eyeball soup. Got any crackers?


Notice the beers in the background. I would have to drink beers too.

Who invited them to dinner?

I now look at squid in a new light.

Need any extra hands to help you in the kitchen?

OMG, this is really disgusting.  Good job!!

Now, I remember why I do not date smokers!!

I dated his brother once.

He looks anemic, don't you think?

Hockey mask...gone bad.

Quit inviting them to dinner.

No thanks, now my heart is working just fine after all that surgery!

See what a good dentist can do for you?

Eye see you.

Look up!!

Quit being a rat!

Just take a little off the side, please.

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