Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New Lap Warmer

Since Tess didn't go to the trial with me on Oct 10th, I had to use her daughter,  Jackie,  as backup. Jackie is now owned by Sue MacDonald. She placed 20th in the Nursery Finals a couple of years ago.  Recently, she worked at a sheep operation, that had over 700 sheep to get some seasoning.

Sue ran her at this trial. We all cheered for her. She reminded me of her brother, Roo. Very pushy and a handful. Roo is her brother but from an earlier litter.

See how well she fits on the lap. As a pup, Jackie was always in our laps. She is a great housedog. She kept me warm during the trial.  She is going to be Sue's lap warmer now.

Belly rub time. It was nice to see that Tess's daughter was keeping up the family tradition of being a lap warmer. Where was Tess? She was asleep at home on my pillow.

photos by Carolyn Harwell !!

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BCxFour said...

I love the first picture of you with Jackie - her face says it all.