Thursday, October 22, 2009

Listen to me!!! Or just run to my Mom, instead!!

When my mom comes over here, the girls (Nan, Rainey and Tess) have a heyday. First of all, they get lots of treats. My mom gives them a bag of dog biscuits. And that is not enough, so she feeds them part of her lunch. Then to top it off,  some bread from the barn. They are too full to eat dinner. Sigh, I can't tell my mom not to do that and it gives her great enjoyment so I  let her. They get to play ball when she is here!!

Rigby loves her. When she comes over, he gets a can of cat food on the front porch. Then he gets to come into the house and sleep in the dog bed. He is now a part time barn and house cat. As a housecat, he is quite good and we have learned to put all food away now. What he doesn't eat, he will knock to the floor for the dogs to eat. He believes in sharing the wealth!!

Here is my mom in the kitchen with Tess and Nan. I called them over to me to put them away and they promptly ran to my mom. They ignored me and my mom fussed over them. They have learned when I tell them to go to their bed, they can run next to my mom and they don't have to go to their beds. They know that I have NO authority over my mom!!

As you can tell, they are the Assistant Chefs to my mom!!

Now, my mom told them to go to their beds. They ran and jumped on my bed and made themselves at home. My mom thought it was funny!!

Tess even took over my pillow. Afterall, it was a hard day. Eat treats, play ball, repeat, repeat and repeat!!

I guess Rigby and I will share the dog bed then!!


gvmama said...

You and your Mom are so photographic :0) (Tess, Nan and Rigby, too)

An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures :-)