Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Hanson's Gael"

Gael is the newest member of the DeltaBluez dogs. She is from Chris and Terri Hanson. Chris and Terri are good friends of mine and I got Scott from them a few years ago. They are very good people and I love them dearly.

Gael is a pup from their Zac and Teak. My Open dog Nan is Gael's greatgrandmother. Zac is Zoerb's Mik x Gyp. Mik is my Nan's son. Teak is Elvin Kopp's lines.

We picked up Gael at the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals. Lee Lumb brought her down. Gael did very well for being away from her family and fit  into our pack easily. She was a great lapwarmer and seranded Ben late at night. His tent was next to her crate.

Gael is a smooth coat was was born in April of this year. She is an excellent lap warmer. Here she wanted to leap out and give Audrey a kiss!!

She has the hugest airplane ears and might blow away in a windstorm.

She is always in motion so it was hard to take pictures but I managed to get her to stand still for one second. She has the longest legs!!

OK, maybe a quick lie down but not for long.

Time to go and off she went. She will spend this year growing up, going to downtown Seattle, making new friends, getting socialized, getting used to everything  and being a spoiled puppy. Katheen has her for the socialzation. She does a wonderful job.  We really enjoy her bubbly personality and she is a real charm.

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An English Shepherd said...

Gael look like a super dog :-)