Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last bit of Wales and Scotland

So after my work jaunt, the guys and I went for a bit of a tour. We hit the dock area of Cardiff. Cardiff was at first a Roman fort. It is the Capital and the largest city in Wales It has some really interesting old history.

The guys at the dock

The Pierhead Building

Wales Millennium Centre

What does this say?

The bay in Cardiff.

Statues in Cardiff. Anyone know the story on this? It had a dog so I had to take a picture.

Oh my goodness, a bakery. I just had to check it out! The goods were tasty and of course, I had some for you. I think I had some seconds too!!

So after this, it was off to Angie and Kelvin's in Scotland after some time at Eifons. Eifon put me on a train and Angie met me at the train station.

A view from the front door at their house.

Sava and Coll as pups.

The hills that the sheep were on. They are the white dots on the hills.

Working sheep.

The dogs at the gate!! Waiting to go in.

The view of their house. I stayed there for a week and then off to London to catch a plane with Sava and Coll. Angie took me to the airport and they took great care of me on my stay.

Since then Angie and Kevlin have moved to Wales and opened a cottage for visitors. They have a wonderful cottage for rent, sheep to work as well as other numerous amenities. I highly recommend  if you visit Wales to stay at thei place. The link is:  Kinloch Sheepdogs

In addition, Kinloch Sheepdogs is an ISDS Registered Agent for Artificial Insemination, specializing in top-class working border collies.  They can also can find a dog or puppy if you need. I have gotten a few pups from them as well as the AI route and they offer a 5 star service.

My stay in the UK was wonderful. I had a great learning experience with work and a relaxing, wonderful holiday with Eifon, Angie and Kelvin. Angie and Kelvin dragged me up to Bobby Dalziel for a day where I learned tons. Namely, a better down on my dogs!!

If you ever get a chance to go to the UK, look them up. I know I want to go back and their place will be where I will be staying.

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Welsh shepherdess said...

The Welsh in your photo says Welcome to Cardiff Bay.