Friday, October 30, 2009

Imp Sava

This is the last set of photos from the Oct 10th trial. I ran Sava in Ranch, which is a scaled down version of ProNovice. These sheep are a lot heavier than she is used to working. It was a good run.

Just before she is sent. We had worked just recently on taking sheep off people. I helped her on her outrun, just in case she was unsure. She is a very willing partner.

On the fetch. She took my commands well.

Sava is a very stylish worker.

On the drive.  She really had to push but did it. She had a nice crossdirve and was wobbly on the turn on the crossdrive.

At the pen. We never practiced penning before. I use her to sort sheep at home so that experience helped us at the pen.

She held her line and got the pen. We only lost one point at the pen. I really like Sava and she is going to my upcoming, young star!!

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