Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Shearing We Will Go....

This Sunday was shearing day. We shear in the fall as it can get muddy and the sheep can get mud on their bellies therefore we shear them.  Tim does our shearing in the fall.

Tess was sound asleep so Rainey got to fill the working dog slot. She is still a youngin but is very smart and has been learning to do chores. She gathered the flock at 6 in the morning and I drank coffee.  She is not very big but is full of attitude. I sent her and let her figure out how to get the sheep as some were in the field and some were on an island and she had to cross a bridge to get them.   She did and brought them back and combined the two flocks and then put them into the stall. She is a tireless worker and I was enjoying my coffee and watching her think out the problem.

In the corral putting them into the stall.

The sheep in the stall and not sure what is going on!!

They are not too keen about the stall idea.

Ben who is the sheep wrangler.

Kathleen who was the tilt table operator. Emma (Kathleen's dog) did the sheep sorting and putting everyone away in separate pasture while Rainey got to relax.

All shorn and in the sun!!

They are now waiting for food.

Callie, my 10 plus year old ewe and my pet.

I like her build. Nice and square. It was a nice day for shearing.


gvmama said...

You shear in the fall, not the spring? Educate me! :0)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

We shear twice a year now. The pastures get wet and muddy during the winter so we shear so the ewes do not get mudballs on the bellies and legs.