Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A trip back in time.

A couple of years ago I was in Wales for work and then a bit of vacation. I have blogged about it before but recently found some pictures that I never posted. Later, I'll do another blog on the USBCHA Finals wrap-up, but for now I am changing gears.  I work for the FAA and went on a week long airplane inspection (Wiring) then took a week off to visit Angie and Kelvin. (btw, they have a cottage for let over there- look to the sidebar for that info). Before I went to Angie and Kelvin, I stayed for a couple of days with Eifon Morgan. Eifon is my spring shearer who comes over to shear my sheep in March. He can shear a ewe in 2  minutes or so. He is a funny guy and a real hoot. He lives in Wales.

This is a mountain pass that we drove through when he picked me up from Cardiff. I think it is one of the highest peaks. I felt like I was back in Seattle....showers and cloudy!!

Welsh sheep....I can't remember the breed. There are very popular. Anyone know this breed?

The front of their house. It's made of stone and very, very old.

Another view. It's a great house and the Welsh hospitality is wonderful!!

The backyard.  It is like a park.

Now, Eifon being a kind and generous host took me to his local pub. Being the gracious host, he got me a pint of beer. That was fine BUT then other folks in the pub got me beers and through my glazed eyes, I had well over 6 pints lined up before me and more on it's way. Lordy, help me!! They wanted the American to feel welcome and most certainly, a customer of their local boy, Eifon, was to be treated well. Afterall, how many customers visit their shearer in Wales. Apparently, just ONE!!

It took a bit to polish off the beers with a great deal of help from Eifon and we closed the pub down. A kind friend of his who probably was the only one not drinking, gave us a lift home. Did you know the roads in Wales are narrow and curvey? And our driver was fast...oh, my head was spinning as we whipped around the corners.

The  morning I was slow to get up and Eifon offered me hot coffee and breakfast to clear the cobwebs. Then we went to his brother's farm to see his sheep and cattle. His brother won a huge award for having one of the best farms. He had Border Collies also. We also toured about and saw some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. I really enjoyed my time with Eifon and his friends!!

This is some flowers that this picture cannot do jsutice. It is a bright purple. Anyone know the name of it?

The cattle that Eifon's brother had on his farm. I like how square they look. Anyone know the breed?

Eifon and me at the train station before I went to Angie and Kelvins.

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