Monday, October 12, 2009

Time flies so quickly

I have posted quite a bit about Rainey. She is Tess's daughter. She will be two in November. I have put quite a bit of training on her and later this month she will go to Scott's for winter training. Hopefully, he will like her a lot. I still have to tell him that she likes to sleep on the bed and also cuddle on the couch when you are watching TV. Also,  she gets a treat just before she goes to sleep. Not to mention, the nightly belly rubs. I'll be sure to mention that to him.

Rainey can do some nice outruns, a bit of driving, inside flanks and good stall work. She is very clever and learns quickly. She was just run by Janet in a Novice trial and did good, considering Janet was handed Rainey to run with only a few lesson prior with her. I can get her to do almost a 150-200 yard outrun and she can gather the 50-70 sheep by herself. In addtion, she is very full of herself and she was just apalled when a ram rolled her the other day. She got up, shook herself and tweaked his nose. He turned tail and ran with a speed demon on his heels. I guess she took offense to that!!

Ever since she was a little puppy, she would follow Tess everywhere when I would feed at night. In the winter Tess would have to push the ewes off the feeder and hold the ewes back while I filled them. Rainey always managed to sneak in behind Tess and help her. She would mimic her mom so I would let her help with feeding. Then when we did hoof trimming and have the ewes squeezed into the stalls, Tess would hold them or squeeze herself against the wall and sheep to move them with Rainey right behind her. Soon, Rainey got good in the stalls and would be able to move the ewes by herself and if a low hock nips needed to be done, she would. She matured very fast and this fall I used her quite a bit for the chores.

Rainey was the runt of the litter, half the size of the boys but full of attitude and often, she would push the boys away when nursing and get the prime spot for herself. She often thought of herself as a little princess and she is. Just like her mother!!

I was going through some old files and found these photos. They are from mid-late January of 2008.

Rainey in HER dogbed with my shoe!

I told her that she had my shoe and this was her response "This is my shoe!!"

She hoards toys. She steals all the toys and puts them in her bed.

In another dogbed, looking so ever so innocent.

Tess was sleeping and of course Rainey had to sleep in the same bed. Nevermind, there was a bed next to her. She still does that to this day. She will crowd into the dogbed that Tess is in and Tess will let her. Tess lets her steal food or a toy from her mouth, crowd her and jump all over her and let her get away with everything. Any other dog that triels to take a toy or food from Tess, will get rolled and gripped hard.

Here they are in late January when we had snow. Rigby, the cat is joining the puppies for some snow action. He loves puppies as they are perfect to roll over and chase.

It's gonna be so quiet without Rainey!!

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