Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yeah, feeling like a human again!!

What a great day to wake up to!! No migraine and I feel a heck of a lot better. I have somewhat of an appetite now and ate some rice with egg and soy sauce. I had a half cup of coffee diluted with water. My chest aches but is not painful anymore. My neck incision is much better, although my right leg incision aches. I am feeling so much better and that make me happy!!

Tess thinks I am better now as she is not the cuddle monster that she was earlier this week. Nan quit licking every exposed body part and Lucy is sleeping in the dog bed, as opposed to lying on top of my feet. I guess I really don’t need to go to the Doctor to see if I am feeling better; I just use my dogs as a health barometer.

I had some sheep for sale and three of them sold this morning. Frank and his parents came by so I showed them the sheep. It was my first outing to the barn this week and I was walking slowly. I could feel the achiness in my right leg so I took it easy. Tess and Lucy were more than happy to move the sheep for me.

He will be back next weekend to get the sheep. They will be right down the road from me. I sold him some of my favorite ewes; I have their replacements, hence the sell. I think he will be pleased as they are from the old Clun Forest lines from Insminger in OR.

Back to the house where it is dry and warm. It finally quit rainy but is cold and windy. It has been horrible weather the last few days and I hope it clears up soon. It is close to the middle of May and it is supposed to be summer?

I slept really well last night and feel refreshed today. I think I will take a nap later and try to eat a light lunch. Whoo Hooo, I am just so glad I am feeling better now.

Oh yes, the girls got rewarded well for their Nursing duties over the last few days. Let’s say, a weight loss program might be coming up soon!

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gvmama said...

So glad you are on the mend! Suzanne