Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Key Pen Open Pictures

I lugged my new camera to the top where I set sheep with Sue MacDonald. She wrestled the sheep out of the pen and Tess and I set them. It was nice to see the view from the top. Here are some pixs from Sunday.

Click on the pixs for a larger view. (some will not expand)

The Honorable Judge Rob Lewis, a well respected handler. He was a super judge and everyone loved him! We hope he comes back soon.

The sheep checking out the handler and dog below.

Tess doing setout. She is an awesome setout dog and has been doing it for years. She set for all three days. She loved the view from the top also.

The view from the top, as Fran Macpherson's Maude brings the sheep down on the fetch.

Brian Ricard's Mig on the lift. Faster than a speeding bullet!

Mig on the fetch. She was a powerhouse.

Bob Hickman's Mojo on the lift. She was very thoughtful on lifting the sheep.

Bonnie Block and Dan on the first leg of the drive. I was done with setout and was under the handler's tent. Bonnie is the one always taking picture so it was only fitting that I take a picture of her. She is a fantastic photographer.

Brian Ricard and his dogs: Raven, Mig and Doc.

Brian with that cute English smile. He is always cracking jokes. He also asks how much I weigh.

Donna Donahue at the open pen. Kate is the dog but she was too far back.

George MacDonald and Huck on the fetch and setting up to the Cross.
Nice patient work at the mouth of the Cross.

Tomorrow I will do the other classes.

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sheepkelpie said...

I would love to try a maltese cross at a field trial...