Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cuteness Times TWO

Kira is my puppy that I got this year. Her sire is Delmar Kane and her dam is all Patrick Shannahan lines. She is a very keen puppy and quite large. Her paws are huge and she is as tall as Rainey, Sava and Lucy. She is going to be a big female when she is grown.
She is also a lovebug and very cute. So needless to say, the two cute gals did tag team herding today. The other cute gal is Courtney. She has been coming out here for over two years. She has trained her Logan and Meg and done an excellent job. I think she should run Meg in Nursery as she is that talented.
Courtney has come a long way since she started here. Today she worked her Logan and got him going strong. It is the BEST that I have ever seen him work. Logan was leaning into his sheep when he was driving them. He was working the flock which included lambs who are flighty and go every which way.
Then she had him put the sheep into a corner and pull them out going both directions. He did this with east and very smoothly. In the last few months, they have come leaps and bounds. Crimmey, she is gonna kick my behind pretty darn quick in trials.
She also worked Meg who is a Pleat daughter. Meg runs at warp speed and doesn't let her stock get away. A couple of times a couple of lambs would run off and she would flan out wide and bring them back. No muss and no fuss, just solid work.
She did the corner drill and Meg moved them out of the corner with ease. Meg dropped her head down low and got the sheep out of the corner with no issue. I kept telling her that she needs to get rid of that worthless Meg and sell her to me......I would own that Meg in a heartbeat!!
Oh, she didn't take me up on my offer...DARN!!
Kira in the round pen with Courtney. She is making her change directions and feel her stock.

Here is Courtney bending out Kira just a wee bit. Kira did very well for her. Courtney is excellent at starting puppies.

I am very proud of Courtney and how far she has come. She has made Logan and Meg shine and they are doing well. I would claim Courtney as my daughter!! Nancy and Mike should be proud of her; I know that I am!!

Now isn't this pics just the cutest picture, ever? Courtney and Kira....double cuteness factor!!

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BCxFour said...

Courtney is truly an amazing young lady! You are right, that is cuteness times two!