Friday, May 8, 2009

Off to a trial - "On the River"

Well, I am going to a trial in about 3:00 today. I feel much better today and the trial host has pulled me from setout etc so I can do my runs and then relax. If I feel awful tomorrow, I will just quit but hopefully my dogs will do well. I am staying in a hotel about 20 minutes from the trial site.

All of my body feels fine except for the right leg incision. It is a wee bit swollen and sore but doesn't hurt. My chest doesn't hurt any more either nor my neck. I had an hamburger last night for dinner and wolfed it down. Today I am going to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

I still have to pack and the girls (Lucy and Nan) are really rusty but we will go and see what we can do. The trial is "On the River" in Acme which is about 90 minutes or so north of me. I entered Nan and Lucy in Open and Tess will NOT being going with me on this trip.

Nan qualified for the double lift which is on Monday by placing 4th overall in the 5 trial Winter Series at Dirks. This is my first ever double lift at a trial. We will do the best we can and fix what needs to be fixed after the trial. Jack Knox is the judge. He was the judge when I ran in my first Open trial many years ago and it figures, he would be the judge when I run in my first double lift, ever!!

I have been using Nan to push the 60 sheep (ewes and lambs) around and she has gotten more confident on her driving. She was not confident on her driving heavy sheep before but she has gotten better now. Lucy has had lots of experience working large flocks when she spent the winter at Eric's ranch about 18 months ago.

I am going to bring my laptop and hope I can blog from the hotel. If I can't you will just have to wait until Monday night. I do have a blog that will automatically post each day - a feature of Google. So if I can't blog from the hotel, you will still get your daily blog story.

I love running Lucy and Nan. They really want to team with me and give me their all. It's weird going to a trial without Tess and I guarantee I will be feeling her eyes boring in the back of my head as I pull out this afternoon and leave her in the house.

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