Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ranch Class - Ken Pen

The Ranch Class was quite full and very tough. There were some high scores. It was run towards the end of the day. It was very warm.

Janet and Scott in their last Ranch Class. See how nice his outrun is.....for an old dog!!

Nice fetch. I bet she was pleased with this.

Look how tight that turn is at the post!

Right through the first panels and she had a nice crossdrive too.

Then back to the post to settle the sheep. Very calm and quiet.

What a pen. Scott is very happy in this picture. He loves to work with Janet.

Nora Linbo and Nick. Now that is one heck of a nice dog.

Bob Hickman and Ranger. Ranger has to have the longest legs of any of the dogs.

Sue MacDonald and Wink. Sue and George put on the trial. It is a first class trial. A real 5 star type of trial. They are the nicest people too boot! It can't get any better that this. Sue has a nice way with dogs. This team is one to watch out for!!

Linda DeJong and Kelly. This dog has a lot of power and go!!

Kathleen and Emma on the first leg of the drive. Look how nice that drive is going!! She has done a great job with her.

And she topped it off with a nice pen. Way to go with this fine, young red dog!!

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