Monday, May 18, 2009

Sava - The Herding Queen

Ah, what can I say about Sava? Besides that I adore her? She is the Aled Owen's Roy pup and she just turned two years old. She is very keen and very personable.

On stock, she is very much like her sire, Roy. Her eyes are very intense and she works like a champ.

Click on the pixs for a larger view.

Moving the ewe along, who I might add is not thrilled about this idea.

Oops, see the airplanes ears......ok, I can deal with that. Look at the walk up.

Bringing them over the hill. She rates very well.

The lift.....need I say more?

Another lift and she held the draw to the barn.

One ear up and one ear down....she uses her ears all the time.

Both ears tilted forward. Keeping an eye and leaning in.

Stopping as asked. Then I made her drive and she is one nice driving dog.

Another walk up and see how focused she is.

Walking straight into the sheep.

See her new purple collar. It has her name on it!!

A view from below.....

Another view from below. Sava is getting more seasoning and soon we hope, will be on the trial course. In the meantime, she is doing chores and working the ewes/lambs to round her out. She is also doing stall work and close up work.


BCxFour said...

She is beautiful...simply beautiful. I love her collar. I would love to get collars with names for our dogs, if you dont mind my asking...where did you order it from?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Double ply, one inch and free nameplate.....