Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ProNovice - Key Pen

There were some mighty fine ProNovice runs on Monday. It was a real joy to watch.

Dave Imas and his Cap. This is one hot team!!

Fran and Judd. Coming down on the fetch...a bit wide.

See the sheep jump. She was feeling the spring weather.

The other side of the jump!! Judd is thinking "What the heck!!"

Fran penning with Judd. Very nice job.

Janet and Scott on the fetch. He was on the muscle.

First leg of the drive. They have been very well as a team.

Beautiful pen. Very calm and collected.

Jeanne and Rocky. She just got Rocky AND this was her first run, EVER!! Look at great that turn around the post is and how quiet she is at the post. This is a team to watch out for!! They just rock.

Tomorrow I will post Ranch. My camera ran out of space so I didn't get any Novice runs.


BCxFour said...

AWESOME PICTURES Diane! Jeanne and Rocky ...well, they just ROCK! I had the pleasure of staying with Jeanne, Rocky and Moses while we were at Pat Shannahans. Rocky is an amazing dog and Jeanne is an amazing handler! (she is a pretty cool person too!) Their teamwork is growing each time I see them. Simply wonderful.

gvmama said...

Go Jeanne bean and Rocket man. The armchair handler is upright and looking good. My dogs and I are looking forward to GREEN grass! What's that?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Jeanne did great on the field. Calm and quiet and handled herself very well. She was great for her first time on deck!! we sure were proud of her!