Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Many Faces of Sava

Sava has grown up to be quite a nice dog. The more I interact with her, the more I really cherish her. She is very loving and can be a real ham for the camera.

First of all, I asked her to lie down and she did. See the happy face she has!!

I finally got her to lie a further away from me. Her ears used to go to the side but now go to the front. She has two differently colored eyes.

OK, here are the many faces of Sava. This is pensive.

Look this way. This is cuteness.

Now, this way. This is curiosity

Oops, the other way now. This is assertive.

Change directions. This is "I want your food" look.

Ok, she is done being the beauty queen now. This is "I am done posing now"

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