Thursday, May 21, 2009

Working Turkeys

So we have a pair of Turkeys on the farm. Tom and Jennie-O. They came named that way. I have them in one large pasture.

Tess is great at working them. She works anything. Nan, on the other hand refuses to work chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. Oh yea, she ignores the cow.

But Nan has to be helping Tess in her chores. She loves to help. But she won't work the fowls but is more than happy to run around, raise her tail in the air and barks like a hyena when Tess does the fowl work. Tess ignores her

So someone asked if Tess works turkeys so here is a demo of Tess working the turkeys. Here is a demo of Nan doing all the flanks next to Tess. Now they are getting ready for the outrun.

Oh, oh says the turkeys....something is up.

Wow, look at the nice brace work by Tess and Nan. Note that Nan is never near the turkeys but always on the other side.

Here is Tess bringing the turkeys to me. See Nan in the background running about with her tail in the air. She is quite entertaining!!

I told Tess to walk up and she is bringing the turkeys to me. Nan decided a Leap Up was in order.

Steady now. Tess is working the two turkeys with a combined IQ of 12. Her IQ is 10X of the turkeys!!

"Away to me" and Tess is bringing them. See Nan cleverly avoid the turkeys and jump into the branch pile so she is not too close to the turkeys!!

Another flank and the turkeys are getting the idea to come to me.

This is really what Nan thinks of herding turkeys...all fun and games.....tail up and barking . I guess Tess will be on turkey duty for a while.


sheepkelpie said...

Thanks Diane
Looks do-able... Will see what Lucy thinks.

An English Shepherd said...

Herding turkeys looks like fun

Wizz :-)