Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little Goosing

We have three geese. Mama Goose is nesting in a dog igloo. The other two that wander about and help guard the pasture. They are her babies from two years ago. They are quite friendly but like to protect their area. The other day I decided to work the geese. Tess, with Nan as backup, was sent on a come-bye. Do notice, yet once again, Nan is on the other side of Tess and a step or two behind. Nan does not believe in working chickens, ducks, turkeys or geese. Tess fetching the geese. Nan is barking in Tess's ear!!

Now here is Tess doing a very calm walk-up to the geese. Very quiet and smooth.

The geese try to scare her by advancing and flapping their wings. Again, see that Nan is behind Tess. Such a good back-up.

One goose reaches forward and tries to attack her. Nan swings to one side and Tess pushed straight on and doesn't give ground.

Ok, the goose doesn't stop and grabs her nose. SO WRONG!! BAD IDEA!! Tess lets the goose knows she is very displeased. The goose back pedals very quickly. Nan is staying out of goose pecking range.

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