Monday, May 25, 2009

A tribute for those - Memorial day

I don't know who was the photographer but this is a stunning picture

He, who fought for our freedom
Silently lies among his comrades
Brave and strong he stood tall
A bullet started his fall.

I lay the flowers at my feet
And the leaves I gently sweep
And tears fall from my eyes
As I said my loving good byes.

The soldier who gave his life
To stop the pain and war torn strife
So, I can sit on my porch at night
And enjoy my freedom of life.

Lest not forget the fallen men
Our brothers, fathers and friends
The gravesides we must tend
And our hearts who will mend.

Raise the glorious Flag of honor
Wear the war torn badge of pride
Hold your hand over your heart
And salute the rows of fallen dead.

They have given their lives for us
Do not forget the price they paid
Their lives, their loves and their future
Sweet freedom they have given us.

Good bye my brother, father and friend
I go home at night knowing that
You still are here in my life
You live in me and now I see.

Freedom is free to all
The price is high for some
And we must not forget
To thank you on this day.

I walk away from your grave
And from the life you gave
I see that freedom is sweet
And your sacrifice is what I keep.

~diane pagel~ 2009~ I wrote this for our women and men heroes

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