Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Nite Update

YEAH, Life is grand. The hotel has wi-fi and my laptop works!! I will post on the trial tomorrow night. It won't be a complete posting but it will be what I can remember. I talked to a couple of handlers who are at the same hotel and they say the grass is knee high plus!!

Left at 4ish today. Was going to leave earlier but two ewes had lambs. One was a first time mom, a daughter of Green Tag. She is doing well for a new mom, although she chewed the little ewe lamb tail down. Finally she quit. It was a huge single. I had an older ewe lamb have a single ram lamb. Was he ever spunky! Those should be the last to lamb out as far as I know. I had the ram with the yearlings and only two got bred that I could see. That's fine by me.

Played ball with Tess and then put her on the couch with a pig ear on my favorite blanket. Snuck down the stairs with Lucy and Nan. But I got busted!! I had closed the door and was about 10 feet away when I heard a wailing. It was Tess pawing at the the door, on her hind legs. Apparently she thought I was deaf so then she barked.


Seeing that was useless, she raced to the downstairs bedroom and barked. Then she bolted upstairs to see if the front door was open. I could hear her racing about.

I fled like the coward that I was.