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Whidbey Trial results by Sue MacDonald for Feb 7

I went to a trial this weekend. I had a blast and the weather was great. I'll write more about this later this week with pictures.

Here is the report from Sue MacDonald. Thanks to Sue, George MacDonald for doing the Winter Series. Thanks to Susan Crocker for hosting this trial at her loverly Whidby Island farm. Thanks to the judges George and Sue MacDonald.

Hi all!
Thanks so much for supporting our winter series. On the whole we had good turn outs and good weather. Don't forget, Judy has one more on Feb 21st!

So the weather was good, the hostess was wonderful and the field and sheep were great as always. Lunch was also a big plus! Thank you Susan, Alison, Corel and Dave. I will say that running three sheep made things a little tough for the shed in open but that's life,,not a shed was to be had.

No eagles this time either!!! The nest looked good, but didn't see a single bird flying. Maybe again in June!

The sheep had a strong draw to the set out pens and the exhaust which made the fetch and first leg of the drive quite difficult. If the dog could get a good hold of the sheep on the lift, things could run very smoothly, but it seemed if the dog was off just a half foot on the lift, the sheep broke at high speed back to the set out pens. If they felt they couldn't make it back there, they bolted down field to the exhaust pen. Lot's of points were lost on the fetchs!

So in short, scores were low, but hard fought for and well earned!

Open 16 plus one non compete, 100 points possible
1. Pierce Ward Reil 65 Nice job!
2. Heidi Hanson Pete 65 (broken on OLF) also a
nice job!
3. Diane Pagel Nan 64
4. Bob Hickman Mojo 63
5. Lynne Green Kurt 61
6. Maggi McClure Kep 60
7. Maggi McClure Lil 60
8. Brian Ricards Mig 59
9. Brian Ricards Doc 56
10. Diane Pagel Tess 54
11. Karen Mohney Ajax 35 It was SO nice to see you again Karen!!!!
12. Sue MacDonald Jan 28
13. Sue MacDonald Bess Rt
14. Sue MacDonald Blitz RT
15. Sue MacDonald Skye Rt
16. Brian Ricards Caymus RT
17. Susan Crocker Zen RT N/C

We had 13 Pro Novice teams with 90 points possible These are ALL practice runs. They do NOT count towards anything so handlers are allowed to run more then once in the same class.

1. Karen Mohney Grit 58 Karen drove all the way from Waitsburg, WA( still snow over there, big time!)
2. Pierce Ward Cal 57 Nice to meet you!!
3. Susan Crocker Rani 47 ( one of two Kelpies running)
4. Maggi McClure Johnny 42
5. Pamela Harding Caymus 35
6. Corinne Berg Tay 31 (This was Tay's 2nd run)
7. Maggi McClure Betty 29
8. Maggi McClure Gwen 6
9. Janet Thorpe Scott RT
10. Karen Mohney Maverick RT Twice
11. Audrey Baldessari Dan RT (but what a nice start...0 off both the outrun and the lift!)
12. Corinne Berg Tay Rt (first run)

13 teams to the post with 80 points possible. Again these are all practice runs so some people ran the same dog twice. Cross entries are also allowed.

1. Susan Crocker Rani 68 Kelpie
2. Alison (Crocker) Zen 52 Kelpie
3. Janet Thorpe Scott 48 Very nice pen!
4. Dick Wilson Raygan 42 First of two runs
5. Dick Wilson Raygan 38 second run!
6. Bob Hickman Kermit 36 opps! guess his name is Trooper... or was it Bill?
7. Audrey Baldessari Dan 34 this is a VERY nice dog!
8. Dick Wilson Rhett 34 tie broken on
OLF second go!
9. Dick Wilson Rhett 31 first go!
10. Brian Ricards Clark 15 first go
11. Kathleen Torkelson Emma RT what a nice dog!
12. Brian Ricards Clark Rt 2nd go
13. George MacDonald Newt RT

We had three novice teams with 60 points possible.

1. Kathleen Torkelson Emma 46
2. Jane Hickman Trooper 32
3. Fank Mauger Angel 30

Take care and thank you to all that helped set sheep and work the pens.

Thanks to those that helped with the exhaust pen and thank you to Susan and Alison for an awesome lunch and great hospitality! Thank you to my husband that got roped in to judging the open class. And thanks to all that came and enjoyed to good comrodery!

See you all soon!
Sue, George and Susan

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