Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home Alone

Yesterday my good friends, Ron, Hope and Misty came over. They came over to run in my Feb Fun trial. It is the third year that it has been on. It's low key and very fun.

We had a lot of dogs so I left the senior citizen, Tess at home. We got up and were fussing about and I offered her a chance to hop back into bed with Getty so she did. She loves to take over my part of the bed and put her head on my pillow. That way she can stretch out and not be cramped. (aka sharing the spot with me!)

Getty said that Tess did not fall asleep in the bed but in fact, stood on the bed facing towards the barn the entire time. Apparently she could hear us working the sheep and getting them ready to move to the other field.

We loaded up Ron's truck with my new white plastic panels, t-post, post pounder, painting for marking the sheep, wormer medicine to worm the sheep and various assorted stuff. We put up a new pen and moved the other panels around, wormed sheep and then marked sheep for the different sets. We also worked the new sets of sheep to see if there were any issues and fine the course as need.

Then we worked a few dogs and then Ron drove the sheep to the other field with Tait and Kane. Hope drove Ron's truck and I took my truck.

Meanwhile Tess was home alone. Normally she is my right hand and does a good portion of the work but I am trying to ease the workload off her since she is older.

I took Nan as my right hand on this trip. Nan was very pleased to sit in the coveted spot and not share with Tess. Getty said the entire time we were at the house, Tess never laid down but was standing on the bed, staring at the barn.

Tess was very unhappy that she got the short end of the stick. She pouted.

Tess on the couch after we got home. Notice she is next to the Border Collie and Sheep quilt. She figured that since she didn't get to work sheep, it was the next best thing.

I asked Tess how was she doing. I guess I got the proper answer.

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