Friday, February 20, 2009

Check out Roo and AltaPete Trial blog

Jenny Glen has been so kind to do an "AltaPete Trial Blog". This week featured dog is "DeltaBluezRoo". Roo is a son out of Tess from the first litter. Pleat is the sire.

Jenny and her dogs. I think Jenny is one of the cutest woman handlers out there. Not to mention, she can lay down an awesome run. What a winning combination!!
Roo is my dog to run, well except for this year. He is at Scott and Jenny Glen and hopefully he will do well enough to be successful in Open and (keep your fingers and paws crossed) well enough to go to the Finals.

Jenn is keeping a wonderful and picturesque blog of their trials.

Here is the link:

AltaPete Trial Blog

Thanks Jenn for such a wonderful blog!!


Jaime said...

Thanks for sharing this blog Diane-got a chuckle out of the description of Roo- sounds alot like Brice!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Jenn did a great job in describing Roo. I think Brice isvery similiar. If you ever can get a chance to get a lesson from Scott, that would be a great idea.