Monday, February 2, 2009

Some pixs from the trial this weekend

I am pretty tired and hurting from this weekend...perhaps doing too much, too quickly. My chest is hurting a bit and I know that it is not completely healed yet. It grates a little and I get a dull throbbing pain.....guess the bones have not knitted totally yet. I must have moved just the wrong way this weekend and not realized it.

So Nan placed midpack and Tess was near the bottom. Nan had a good outrun, lift and fetch and on the first leg, she was slicey and over flanked and that cost us dearly. As we were closing the gate on the pen, we timed out!!

Tess's sheep bolted over the hill before she got behind them and they ran behind the setout. So much for that run.

Janet and Scott ran in PN. As you can see the hill is very steep and the sheep are set on the very top. This is Janet's and Scott's first time on the course.

Scott bringing the sheep to Janet. Where this pix is taken from is pretty close to where the Open post was set. The judge was Brian Ricards. (Note to Brian, I did remember the S at the end of your last name and did not add H to the middle of your last name. I was scribing for Brian and was misspelling his name....brain cramp!!)

The first leg of the drive. The sheep had a heavy draw but Scott had a good feel for them and kept them on course. The sheep also like Scott and worked well for him. Janet was very calm during her run. The pen was tough but she took her time and got the pen.

Here is a guest handler...Pearse Ward. I actually got to met him. He will be in the PNW for a few months. His dogs ran very well and he placed in Open and PN. He is a really friendly and nice guy. I told him he can come to my place to work his dogs.

If you look at the very top of the hill, past the two white snow spots, you can see a blue pan. It is at the top edge of the hill and that is where the sheep were set. They were hard to set but honest sheep and some never worked by dogs before. I really liked these sheep.

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sheepkelpie said...

Well, you can't win them all- you need to be gracious and let others win sometime LOL!

Interesting field. I imagine that since the sheep have a great view of the dogs, and if they are squirrely, yeah, they could definitely exit stage left FAST. Neat that you met Pearse- too bad it wasn't me. I want to be out there trialing!