Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trial Preparation

Getting ready for trial requires more that being physically fit. I used to compete in sports and part of not only being physically fit is being mentally fit. If you are not in the *zone*, it doesn't matter how good your physical condition is....

Tess and I have our little ritual we do before we go on the trial field. We do a country western dance together and that puts us in our *zone*. If I don't do this, she seems to run flat. It's our little charge-up routine and puts us on the same page.

Nan has no desire to do a country western dance...if fact, she turns her nose down at that. She is not a country girl. Instead, she like to be told she is beautiful and a very smart dog and I fuss over her. That gets her all puffed up and ready to go!! Heck, She is beautiful and smart so that is not an issue.

So this week, in preparation for the trial, Tess has added another routine to get in the *zone*.

I call it *hiding in a blanket in the shedding ring so the sheep are not spooked zone* but Tess calls it *I am embarrassed by my handler's skills so I am playing dead zone*

Either way, the *real zone* was that she hogged the couch, the blanket and the pillow and took a nice, long nap. Gotta clear her head and get plenty of beauty rest before the trial.

What is your trial ritual?

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