Thursday, February 12, 2009

Selling like Hotcakes!!!

If you are on the fence about getting this great book, I would suggest getting your copy now. They only are selling 500 copies and once they are gone, that's it!! They are almost out of books so don't delay.

Look at the eyes in this pix. Very intense. It captures the true essence of the working dog.

Such attention to detail. Dogs in real motion. You and I know they are not looking for a treat but doing what they were bred to do.

Check out the detail list.....a worldwide sampling.

And of course, Pleat. I have two Pleat pups that are my trial dogs. And a granddaughter of Pleat. So you MIGHT say, I am a wee bit partial to Pleat.

This is a stunning book and features top dogs from all over the world. Not only filled with fantastic photos but details about each dog and their pedigree. You will be sorry if you miss getting this book.

Here is the link and a lot more details.

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