Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Novice, Ranch and ProNovice Fun runs

Here are some pixs from the Novice, ranch and Pronovice class from the Fun trial. I was judging so sometimes I didn't get pixs from all of the runs. Click on the pixs to see a larger view.

Courtney and Meg. Look how nice Meg is doing behind the sheep.

Jack is one nice dog on the sheep. He is being run by Nancy.

Here is Syke run by Christy. In Novice class and very keen.

I love this pix. Kathleen and Emma. I tried to get pix of her sister, Tigr but got rain drops on the lens so they didn't come out.

Emma on a fetch. She has a nice feel for her sheep.

Chuck's handsome Teddy. Look at his intensity.

Teddy getting the pen. Chuck being very patient.

Tait waiting to go. He won PN.

OK, so Kodiak decided to do an outrun the same time as Scott.

Janet and Scott in PN. Look how nice the fetch is. They are a good team.

The top three in each class got nice awards. The rest of the folks got prizes so everyone got a prize!! It was fun and thanks to all who help set up, set/sort sheep and breakdown.

Top three placing:
Kathleen and Emma 55
Courtney and Logan 50
Nancy and Jack 49

Hope and Tigr 65 (the best outrun!!)
Janet and Scott 64
Kathleen and Emma 64 (tie broken on outwork)

Ron and Tait 74
Hope and Tigr 42
Janet and Scott 41

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