Saturday, February 28, 2009

For Sale - DeltaBluez Jade

Jade, a rough coat, tri color female is available to the right home. Her sire is AltaPete Teddy (Tait) and her dam is Imp Peggy (David Brady's breeding)

Tait is one of the top cattledog in the USBCHA. Tait placed 10th overall in the 2008 USBCHA Cattledog Finals and won the High Combined Qualifying Open dog. Tait is qualified for the 2009 USBCHA Cattledog Finals. Tait's sire, AltaPete Cub was 3rd in the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals in TN. Tait has also run in sheepdog trials.

Imp Peg ran in the UK Nurseries and was imported to the USA. She worked cattle and sheep. She ran in sheepdog trials and is a very natural driver. Both dogs are true working dogs and have true grit.

Jade was born in Sept 2007. She is a very strong dog and not for a weak or new handler. She works cattle and sheep. She has been started and has a nice outrun, stop, body flanks and recall.

If you want a tough and strong female to run in Nurseries for the next two year, then Jade is the dog for you. She would be an excellent cowdog or sheepdog.


sheepkelpie said...

Jeez Diane. Send her out to NY. Seriously- she is stunning, and tough? Gotta have her.

Nathalie said...

I have her son she produces awesome pups, if I had room for an other dog I would take her

Monique said...

Diane's telling it straight - Jade is a tough little dog but can be very thoughtful as well. She walks on nice and strong and has a good feel for her stock. She will make a wonderful dog for a serious handler.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I just got in from working Jade. She tried to run through the bit at first but settled down.

Whew....I got her to down (most of the time) and she is one hot pup.

The ram turned on her when she first went out...he likes to test the young dogs but Jade gripped him on his head and turned him.

She is NOT afraid to hit heads at all and when I had her take 30 ewes out of a square corner, she bullied her way in and got them out. Not afraid to go into tight places at all and when three bolted, she had to turn them by hitting at their heads.

I have not seen her in a situation when she did not back down. She always goes forth and is fearless.

I did some jogging about and let her balance the 30 ewes to me and did not say anything....she was hitting balance dead on and I wsa going fast and doing sharp turns and yet, she was spot on.

She has matured into a really nice dog and who ever will get her, will have a dog that will take anything on and not back down. Lots of push and if you don't watch it, she will push the sheep over you.

On her outruns, the sheep saw her and daddling for them...she has that much power.