Thursday, February 26, 2009

Email Failure - Dotster

Well, if you have tried to email me today and the email bounced or I didn't reply, I have a good excuse. The mail servers at Dotsters have been down all day.

I called at 5ish and they said it would be fixed in a hour or two. Well, it's 3.5 hrs later and email issues still!! I got some of my emails from this morning but the rest of my emails are gone!! Like into a black hole. Never to be seen. *POOF*

I just got off with the online support and they do not have a time to the servers to be fixed and more than likely my emails will be gone too. Sigh, needless to say, I am bummed. So if you have sent me email today, I will not get it and if you expect a reply from me, don't hold your breath!!

Resend me an email early tomorrow morning or post in the comment section. I will update this blog posting when my email issues are resolved.

ETA: Friday Feb 27 10:10 AM....Just got off the phone to Dotster and all the emails from 2:00 PM to 10:17 PM are GONE. SO if you sent me an email then.....I WILL NEVER GET IT. So resend me the email and sorry about email is working now

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Monique said...

Well if you don't have email then you have time to do your Choose 10 challenge from my blog ;)

Don't stress - in 50 years none of us will care if email was down for a day. The sun is shining it is gorgeous. Do your Choose 10 and play with some furry friends.