Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trial Pixs from Feb 7th

Here are some pixs from the Feb 7th trial.

The field. See the setout person. Dead center of the pix way up at the top.

The Judges tent. George was the Judge for Open. Sue was the Judge for PN, Ranch and Novice.

Janet and Scott at the exhaust. I just managed to make it down to the bottom of the field after setting for PN to see her exhaust the sheep.

Audrey and Dan. Dan is Tess x Pleat. Dan is one powerful dog.
Kathleen and Emma. Audrey and Dan. Look how sunny it is.

Sue MacDonald the Judge. Bob Hickman is next to her.

Dan. I think he is a very handsome dog. But then again, I am biased.

Dan looking through me to see the sheep. He has Tess's face but Pleat 's ears.

One of the Kelpies in PN. First and Second in PN were the Kelpies.

Audrey at the post. See Dan to the left with a nice, wide outrun.

Neal and Kael. Kael is Tess x Scott. Kael is 14 months old. He is super cute.


Monique said...

Neal looks *thrilled* ;)

Glad you guys had fun!

Jenny Glen said...

OH, no. Dan doesn't have Pleat's ears! Dan's ears are much cuter than Pleat's airplane ears.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

OK, so whose ears does Dan have?