Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Puppy Run from the Fun Trial

Since it is winter still here in the PNW, we decided to be on the safe side and put up a canopy. For my birthday, Getty got me a canopy. This is the first time I got to use it. Since I am mechanically-challenged, the canopy experts set it up. It held off raining until the very last run and then it was a quick drizzle and then quit. It turned out to be a nice day. We had 24 runs.

Janet, Nancy and Ben setting it up. They did it in a matter of minutes.

Tess keeping an eye on the flock. You know, just in case we needed her to go and fetch them!!

Janet bringing the flock in. Notice that Kira is assisting Janet with the flock. Tess is in the back but you don't see her. Kira stared down the ewes.

One of the yearling ewes no doubt, jumping with joy at the prospect of being in a trial - NOT!!

Ron and Rainey. Rainey is Tess x Delmar Scott. She is 15 months old. She is the first to go in the puppy class.

Puppy class....sheep are set on hay and you set up your puppy. You set yourself up anywhere and bring the sheep around two obstacles and then pen. Rainey won the class and has a good feel for her sheep. She is very pushy on her stock and has a bit of an eye.

Kathleen and Anson. He is the brother to Rainey. Kathleen ran Anson and did great. As you can tell in this picture, Anson is making sure he is getting his cuddles and looking cute.

Ben was one of the scribes for me. Kodiak decided to join us and came from the farm to see what the fuss was all about. Satisfied his flock was ok, he then helped himself to our snackies and did a outrun during a ProNovice run. He made sure all was in order and was a social butterfly.

Kathleen and Anson going around one obstacle on the course.

Ron Penning with Rainey. She is rating the sheep quite well.

Courtney and Teal. Teal is a puppy but not quite ready for puppy class. Next year, she will be ready. At this trial, she was practicing to be a lap warmer. Teal belongs to Ben.

Monique and Finn. They did quite well on the walkabout. He is very natural and a strong dog.

Chuck and Clip. Clip is the brother to Anson and Rainey. He is very strong like his sire, Scott. Sheep go fast when they see Clip. He did quite well.

The puppy class was a big hit. We will have to do it next year. Everyone who ran in puppy class got a prize. It was a real blast and everyone had fun!!

Tomorrow I will feature Novice, Ranch and ProNovice.

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