Sunday, February 15, 2009

The newest helper

Today was our third annual Novice Fun Trial. This year we donated $100 towards the 2009 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals that will be held in Klamath Falls, Or in Sept.
The attendees (Trial Handlers) were  Nancy, Courtney, Monique, Chuck, Kathleen, Christy, Audrey, Ben and Janet and some other folks. I was the Judge. My scribes were Janet, Ben and Audrey.
Of course, we had the whole slew of Border Collies to assist us as we set up the canopy, chairs and other stuff.
We have a new member of the team "DeltaBluez Kira" (DelMar Kane x Ruby) Ruby is from Imp Tweed, Imp Nell, Bill Evan's Bob and RedTop Pat. Kane is a son of Imp Jim x Imp Nell. Imp Jim is a son of Bobby Dalziel Wisp and Imp Nell is a full sister to Imp Spot (Michelle Howard)

Kira on chair patrol. First, she must make sure the chair is set up properly and the lap is warm enough. This lap belongs to Nancy Roller.

OK, something got her interest so we must check it out.

Oh, we have to set up the canopy? OK, I'll help by moving the cover out of the way.

Must get a firm grip as it is a large cover.

It's in the way so we must move it out of the way. PULL HARD!!

Hum, looks like a good spot for this.

That job is done. What is the next item?

OK, I see another job for me to do. Let me size it up!!

OK, this plastic wrap needs to be moved too.

It's too close and we must move it far away.

OK, that looks like a spot that is out of the way. Two items moved out of the way.

The items are all moved and now for a lap test.

Nappy time in Courtney's lap. Hum.....this is such a nice lap.

OK, laps checks are all done. Now to test the ground. It's been a long day.  Not a bad little helper. She was quite the busy little dog.

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