Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trial results from Rocky Ewe Nov 29th Trial

Well, it was a long day yesterday. First, we had to get up at 5:30 a.m. and head off to the trial. Starbucks was the stop along the way and we got hot, steaming coffee to wake us up. It worked and we chatting non stop and managed to miss our exit. Thankfully, we left with time to spare and arrived ahead of schedule. Ron Green and his niece, Misty were my travel buds. Ron drove!!

The trial was full with 60 runs with Open, ProNovice, Ranch and then Novice. It was sunny and then cooled down but was not freezing and it didn’t rain. It was ideal for the sheep and dogs. It was. two weeks since my heart surgery and I was looking forward to judging as well as getting out of the house. I had great scribes: Janet, Kathleen, Lora, Jennifer and Pam. They were busy and worked hard all day.

Judy hosts these “Winter Series” trials for the last few years. The entry fees are low and you use your time up if you RT. There is no payback and the Open handlers get points. People bring out their young dogs to get some trialing time and work out the kinks. I really enjoy judging these trials as I see the handlers and dog improve each time.

I started judging a little bit after eight, took a short lunch break and judged until almost 5:00. The last run ran as it was getting dark and we finished in the nick of time. People quickly grabbed panels and helped break down most of the course. I was tired by the end of the day but it was a mental tired due to the 60 runs. Judy and Nora kept me supplied with hot cocoa all day and Janet made sure I had snackies to eat. My leg was fine and the incision didn’t hurt at all. It’s great to feel on the mend and I am now well on the way to recovery. Several people commented how my face looks rosy now instead of a green tint. Do ya think it is because it is getting blood now? I fell asleep on the way home!! Ron drove again.
Janet, Audrey, Kathleen, Audrey, Pam, Ron and Misty all entered in the trial.

Anyways I am very happy and had a blast. Thanks to all who entered. Here are the results:

Judy Norris Winter Series
Nov 29, 2008
Judge: Diane Pagel
Comments: Judy Norris and Diane

The sheep were very difficult to set today and were challenging for dogs to lift. They were very difficult to shed and only three dogs got a shed. The weather was sunny and no rain which made for a perfect day to have a good trial. The trial was packed and ran until daylight ran out. Lunch was provide by Judy and Nora. Thanks to the scribes: Janet, Kathleen, Jennifer, Lora and Pam. Much thanks for the setout crew who worked extra hard and long shifts. We couldn’t have done it without your tireless help. Lastly thanks to Judy and Nora for putting on the trial and Diane for judging two weeks after her heart surgery.

Open 21 dogs (2 N/C)

The sheep were set out and most dogs came in tight. The sheep were very light and quick and unforgiving. The drive was a long first drive away and the cross drive was extremely tough to see and difficult. The wily sheep wanted no part of shedding and stuck together like glue. The first three placing were won by the older, seasoned dogs. No comment on the handler ages!!

1. Jim Cooper-- Kyle 84 Donna maybe she wishes he stayed home but doubt it. The shed placed him in first.
2. Donna Donahue --- Davy 83 What a great old dog, he can still show them how to run a course.
3. Brian Ricard - 80 Mig He know how to get the sheds - luck!! He got two of the three sheds
4. Donna Donahue--- Kate 74 Very nice pen
5. Brian Ricard--Doc---74 One of the fed sheds of the day
6. Sue MacDonald --- Jan 72 Very nice fetch. She is really improving and is going be a nice young dog
7.Joe Haynes-- Rain--72 She just couldn’t see the sheep so did the long route and did an excellent pen
8 Linda DeJong-- Charlie--72 Calm lift and he beat his brother this time.
9. Sue MacDonald -- Bess 69 Very good pen
10. Jennifer Coleman -- Aika 66 A perfect outrun and lift sheep said thank you fro that!!
11.George MacDonald -- Chris 67 He is getting better and better with these light sheep
12.Jim Cooper-- Zot 67 She got lost and made sure no sheep missed their turn
13. Patricia Pederson – Patch 60 Nice lift
14. Linda DeJong – Michael 46 Nice fetch
15. Patricia Pederson -- Jenny 42 Nice Pen
16. George MacDonald -- Huck 39 Excellent work on the single who took a nap during the pen. Great patience and as a result got a perfect pen

The rest of the class were RT or N/C.

Pro Novice 18 dogs

The sheep were set much closer. The drive was tough on the cross panel. The pen was a three sided pen.

1. Heather Wardell -- Dessa 73 First time at the post with a very talented dog and what a smoking run!!
2. Becki Maloney--- Yank 71 What a nice outrun!
3. Joe Haynes -- Penny 70 Watch out for this young dog and an excellent pen
4. Pamela -- Caymus 64 Great job all by herself, turn around and ran again non compete and got a score of 75
5. Karen Combs-- Buddy-- 62 Nice Pen
6. Ron Green --- Kane -- 57 Nice fetch
7. Dave Imas – Russell -- 52 He is a lot of dog but a good dog.
8. Pam Carter -- Colin 51 nice job in calming the sheep and Pam kept her cool
9. Ron Green – Tait 41 He is a lot of dog

N/C runs in PN
Janet Thorpe -- Scott 62 Next time she will run him compete. Good drive. Audrey had a pushy Dan on the course and he was not letting the sheep escape so they RT. They had a nice pen.
The rest of the class was RT

Ranch 12 dogs

Setout was much closer and full drive was in the class but set up close. The drive was tough but do able.
1. Becki Maloney -- Finn--69 Wow, nice first leg and tight turn and a great pen
2. Janet -- Scott 64 First time to the post as a competitor. She is going to be one to watch out for with the nice old dog teaching her the tricks
3. Dave Imas -- Cap 64 He is doing great with his young dog and one of the best drives
4. Karen Combs -- Skye 57 Nice pen
The rest of class was retired as the sheep proved to be very difficult for these young dogs. The sheep were very fast.

Novice 9 (3 N/C)

The beginning class had some very nice young dogs and young handler going to the post for the first time. The sheep were very wily and were a real challenge for these dogs.
1. Karen Combs --Tex 56 Great job of encouraging him. He is looking great.
2. Kathleen Torkelson -- Emma 55 First time at the post with Emma and the best pen in Novice. She marched the sheep into the pen.
3. Misty -- Spike 51 One of our young handler and she really kept her cool. First time to the post.
4. Karen Combs -- Skye --51 Excellent pen
5. Nick -- Luna RT Another of young handlers and his first time ever out and he did a nice job. His mom brought him all the way up to run. Nice young dog for him.
The remaining dogs were RT or N/C.
Ron worked hard in the pens during Ranch and Novice. Thanks to him for doing that. It is often a thankless task.


Laura Hicks said...

Hey Diane,
Is the Dessa that won the PN a little prick eared, one blue eyed dog?

Diane Pagel said...

I can't remember how many blue eyes she had but she came from your way and is related to Ross. She is the Dessa that you are thinking of!! She was very pushy and fast but very talented

Laura Hicks said...

She would be a half sister to Haley's Ross as her mother is Belle.

Diane Pagel said...

Who is the sire?

Laura Hicks said...

Pete Carmichael's Nap is Dessa's sire.