Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some old trialing pixs

Many years ago, well August 2003 to be exact, I went to a trial. I had to leave early on Saturday because I had to go to a wedding. Some of the guys teased me about me dressing up and we took a dare. I would wear the casual outfit I went to the wedding in and they would wear a tie.

Here I am, waiting for my turn. The Judge is David Rees from Wales.

At the post with Haig.

The fetch.

Turning around the post.

The first leg of the drive.

Setting up for the shed. That was hard as I was wearing flats and they were slick

Almost ready for the single and Haig got the single .

At the pen.

We got the pen.

All done now. We had a great time.

The guys did dress up but forgot the tie. All in all, it was fun. They have never seen me dressed up and with makeup. Normally I am wearing boots, jeans and a fun shirt.

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