Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Bed and Two dogs, Two dogs and One bed

A couple of month ago, I got these two very nice dog beds for Tess, Nan, Rainey and Lucy. They have nice fleece on the inside and a removable bottom. On one side of the bottom it has the thick fleece and the other side is cloth. These beds are super deluxe well built beds. Not the foam type of beds covered by cloth. The new beds cost a bit more but since my dog sleep in the beds a lot, I wanted a durable bed. Not to mention, that Rainey takes great delight in the foam beds. The delight being is shredding the foam part of the bed. Three foams beds have suffer a slow death by Rainey.

Since I got these beds, they have held up well and I am very pleased with them I am going to get a couple more beds soon. Lucy and Rainey are not here at the moment so we just have Tess and Nan this week.

The girls have been real pills today. I have no idea what was put in their Wheaties but whatever it was, I want some. They have been antsy and dancing about. They got to work but obviously they wanted to do more.

Dinner rolls around and I told the girls to go to their bed. They looked at me and then ran to Getty. Wrong, so wrong!! I tell them to go to their bed in a stern voice, which I hardly use at home and they both bolt for their beds. They knew that they had crossed the line.

The two beds next to the TV and each of the girls has a bed. You would think that Tess would go into one bed and Nan into the other.


So I recalled them and then send them to their beds again, hoping they would see the errors of their ways


Some days you just can’t win.

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