Thursday, November 13, 2008

More flood pixs

So the 100 yr flood has happened twice in less than three years.....guess, I won't betting at the Casino on those odds, eh?

We went to bed and the Tolt River was rising and we woke up at 4:00 a.m. and saw it was rising and by morning it really had gone much, much higher. It was at the historic level again.

The view from our deck. Out little island with the bridge we made after the Barn fire. The bridge has 4 foot pole holding it down as an anchor. This was taken about a week ago

This morning. The bridge is trying to float away and the water is over the 4 foot poles.

This is my lower pasture. This is the tree the sheep sleep under. I guess that won't be happening today? The fence is 52 inches high.

Once again, Getty has to push logs off the fence line with his kayak. Click on the pixs to get a bigger view. This log is much bigger than his kayak. He pushed it about 1/4 mile away.

See Getty push the log. Push, Getty, push!! It's not what he really wanted to do on a Thursday afternoon. But he did it, since he loves his wife so much.

Nan at the gate. She wants to herd but notice the pasture is under water and the sheep have a 50 x 50 feet landing to stand on.

This is the view of my driveway. It is under 2 ft of water. See the bee hives. They got flooded out and hundreds, if not thousands of bees perished. Chuck took the hives and dismantled them. They were about 25 live bees left. I felt sorry for the bees as they worked hard all summer and were nice bees. He lost two hives.

View of my upper pasture. See the dog igloo floating away?

This is my other field. It is called the "far pasture" It is about 25 acres. Look to the middle of the pix and you see a fence line. To the left is my field and you see my sheep shed.

A straight on view of my "far field" All under 3-4 ft of water. Emmy, the Arabian and 15 Clun Forest sheep are next to the road and they have about on acre of land to stay on.

This is the view as you drive to my place. See how close the water is to my barn?

View of my driveway under water. I am really glad that I have a Dodge Ram 2500 truck with 4 wheel drive. I was able to go to fed the sheep and Emmy in the far pasture.
At 8:30 p.m. the water was out of the driveway and was going down.

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Girl- you need a farm on stilts!