Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Miss Jackie

I got great news. I just got off the phone with Alistair MacLean who lives in Oregon. He has DeltaBluez Jackie (Jackie) and she is doing well. He is working as the shepherd on a 300 plus sheep operation. They also have cattle and chickens. She is a working dog but he will be running her in trials. Several pups from this litter are working sheep or cattle operations. Such as Ray, Bess, Tank and Gloria. Dan, Brice and Emma are trial dogs. This litter was Tess's second litter and the sire is Scott Glen's Pleat.

Jackie as a puppy. She was so cute.

Off on an adventure. She was a tough puppy always in the middle of things.

Jackie is a working dog and has no problem working the large flock. The flock is getting bigger and she is handling it. She will do a nip to asked to move the flock. Alistair is very happy with her.

Jackie as a young pup facing off an ewe. She backed the ewe down.

Another cute pix of her.

As a two yr old getting trained for trials.

Alistair and Glen and Jackie. Don't they look happy!!
Alistair will send me some pixs of her and I will post them when I get them. I needed some cheerful news and this just hit the spot.

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Debbie said...


I have so enjoyed your site; the dogs and what they do. I am not even an amature; however, I did own a beautiful black and white blue eyed border. I am looking to find another little girl, with blue eyes, since we tragically lost our beloved Skye in Sept/08. She was only 3 yrs old. Such a huge lose for our household. Big holes left.
If you know of anyone that has a blue eyed black and white pup for sale, we would be very interested. I have been contacting breeders and sites all over.

thank you so much for your time.