Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flooding and feeling alright now

Let the flooding begin. The last few days it has been raining hard and heavy. The Tolt River went over its banks and closed several roads. The Snohomish River also has flooded the outlying areas too.

My lower pasture area, over the ditch is under water. Last week, the water was lapping at the round pen and at the *critter pad*. Today, it is not so far up but down the road it is worse.

We had winds up to 45 miles or so, and anything that was not nailed down now has taken residence in the next county over. The livestock all hunkered down in the barn or sheds. I hunkered down in the house.

People are being more proactive to the floods and moving stock as needed. Also people are just leaving their homes. It’s wise to leave if there is a chance of your house flooding or in the worse case, being carried off by the waters.

Today in the afternoon, George and Diana stopped by. They are local dairy farmers and their fields are getting flooded. Their barn might get flooded. He is moving his cows to a friend of his but need a box stall for his baby bull calves. They need to be kept warm and dry. I had a stall available and now I have nine super cute baby bull calves in my barn. They have large doe eyes and skins that look like velvet. Diana will be stopping by to feed them milk and if she can’t make it, I will feed them.

They are so adorable and innocent. They were exploring the stall and frolicking about. Long legs that get tangled up and large soft ears that swirl at the slightest sound. Oh, to be so innocent and carefree again.

I don’t know how long our guests will stay but they can stay as long as needed. George and Diana helped me out this summer and cut/baled when my hay when my hay guy flaked out. They also put up my hay in the barn too. It’s the least that I can do for them. People in the valley help each other out. It’s like the old way where people look out for each other and help each other. It’s a great community to live in. I really love it.

We lost our power tonight. It went out during dinner when I was cooking rice. So much for Pot roast and rice!! So we went into town to Pete’s. A local bar/grill and ate. Apparently a lot of other people’s power went out as it was packed and it was the Poker Night. Getty, taking full advantage of eating out, ordered a deep fried seafood plate and fries. We don’t deep fry very much as home but grill instead. I got a Rueben but they were stingy on the Rueben meat (one slice) but generous on the fries. I ate my three fires and gave the rest to Getty.

By the time we got home, the power was on. Everything was fine. We left the girls in the house and they didn’t seem too traumatized by being left behind. They said they would forgive us if we gave them the leftover fries.

I am finally getting into the mindset for the surgery now. I certainly wasn’t last week or earlier this week. I just hope they can fix the hole with the clam shell. I think part of the reason that I was not in the mindset was due that the first two major open heart surgeries failed. Those took a lot out of me, both mentally and physically. Then I had water in my lungs and after two taps it finally got better. I hurt very bad for weeks and was an invalid and not able to do the things that I wanted too.

Now, I am at the same place that I was before the first surgeries. But at least, I won’t have to do an open heart surgery. The recovery time is much, much shorter. I have a new surgeon and going to Swedish. I hope to be home on Saturday. I have a great group of support form the husband, family and friends. That makes a huge difference. I am in the right mindset now. It’s gonna work this time. Keep me in your thought and prayers. I am alright now.

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Darci said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya that this time will be the last time for ya Diane. Prayers that all goes well.